It's your first trip to Romania? Never been to Romania before?

There is nothing to worry about !

Here is useful information if it's your first time in Bucharest.

   Arriving in Bucharest

International flights land at Henri Coanda - Otopeni International Airport or at Aurel Vlaicu - Baneasa Airport

Henri Coanda - Otopeni International Airport is situaded at 16,5 km from Bucharest down-town. After getting off the plane ignore all the services in the Arrivals Terminal. If your luggage doesn't arrive go to the small office on the left hand of side of the exit, where the airport staff will help you find out where is your luggage. Inside the arrivals area there are a couple of ATMs, a press shop, a flower shop, a small cafe expensive as hell, as well as exchange offices ( do not change any money here ) and car hire desks.

Information desk

International Arrivals Terminal
Located in the public area, the information desk is permantly available to provide any information about :

  • arrival of the aircraft
  • services and facilities offered by the airport

International Departures Terminal
Located in the public area, the information desk is permantly available to provide any information about :

  • scheduled flights
  • services offered by the airport

Passport control area

For any problem you might have crossing the border contact the Chief of the Border Police. For expressing discontents, remarks dial (021) 9590

Lost baggage

for any problem you have related to lost baggage contact the Lost baggage office corresponding to the line you flew with .

 Useful information

IIf you want to exchange money go to special offices ( you will see many of them - Exchange house or "CASA DE SCHIMB VALUTAR"(in romanian)). Do not try to exchange money with strangers that stop you on the street. It is very dangerous and you will regret that.

People are in general very nice and especially in the countryside they will treat you very well without expect you to pay them back.

You can dress up pretty much however you want; you will see in the big city people dressed very casual; try not to wear outrageous outfits that will take you out of the ordinary. If you go to parties, theater, concerts, opera you might consider being a little bbit dressier.If it's a teenage party or a rock/rap/etc concert, no worries.

The city feels much safer and less violent than the other major capitals of the EU, and the foreigners will rarely feel threatened, even at night.

Be yourself, but be aware once again. This is a poor country and you may be a temptation for thieves even if this rarely happens.

Life in Bucharest can be beautiful, and after the long working hours, people like to make the most of their leisure time.

The city has many first-class restaurants, covering most of international cuisine(+ traditional romanian food : sarmale, mamaliga etc).Prices are lower. Generally speaking,a decent two course meal with wine will cost you 30-50 Euro. A bottle of decent wine costs about 10-15 euro, and a bottle of decent beer costs about 1-2 Euro.

Bars and clubs are numerous, full of pretty girls, and open late. They range from cheap and cheerful to pretentious, upmarket places where you'll pay the same as in the EU.

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